Italy Day 5

Apr 23 '17

Italy Day 5

Italy Day 5

It was sun shine pure when we woke up. we packed every thing and got ready for our last day .

After a really good breakfast we were off to our last day training . the track was on 5 km away. It was in a very charming area . The track Castiglione delle Stivier .

It was  in its day a really well know track . It was stone now but good truing for exact riding and looking forward ,Clamping the bike .

We did a warm up then we went into suspension testing . That took a while and when we were finished it was lunch time.

It was a 2 hour lunch break . The sun was shining and we all enjoyed it immensely .

After lunch we spent another 75 min on the track then it was time to pack every thing away and make tracks home . We had a 8h45 min trip home . We went through Austria . It was a good choice because the Gotthard tunnel there was 2 hours congestion. .

I got home at 3h25 . it was an awesome 5 days.

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